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Support a Legacy Grant

Legacy Grant

With an initial minimum donation of $5,000, a scholarship may be created and named in honor/memory of an individual.  Funds donated to this scholarship can be earmarked for a particular student(s) or left at the discretion of The Foundation. General information about the student(s) will be shared with the endower of the grant.

If you are interested in establishing a Legacy Grant, please contact Ann Marie Ferguson
at 646-393-8352 or 


NAMED LEGACY GRANTS (already established);

Madelyn Diaz Legacy Grant

Cornelius Douglas Legacy Grant

Fatima Ephrem Legacy Grant

Everett Faison Legacy Grant

Conrad Goldberg Legacy Grant

Robert A. Greenberg Legacy Grant

David and Frances Lambert Legacy Grant

Anthony Midili Legacy Grant

Edith and Milton Mintz Legacy Grant

Myrtle and Bernhard Rosenthal Legacy Grant

Craig Rutman Legacy Grant

Donald Simon Legacy Grant

Jacqueline Stuchin-Paprin Legacy Grant

William Vericker Legacy Grant